Drawing a Plan of Veddw Garden – Part 2

We arrived at the Veddw to a wonderfully warm welcome from Anne…….
Over a cold drink on the patio we discussed our plan of action for plotting the layout of the garden onto my basic plan. This process would have been a lot faster if I hadn’t kept stopping to look at the garden and talk to Anne about it, but it was impossible to resist. It would also have been more efficient if I had any sense of direction and orientation! Thankfully Beloved does, I’m told it’s a ‘man thing’, so he was mostly able to keep Anne and me on track. On Saturday afternoon we covered as much of the garden as the scorching weather and our addled brains would allow. Where did that path go? How many steps were there?…..

Our hard work was rewarded by a perfect summer’s evening in an idyllic setting in the fantastic company of Anne & Charles, with lovely food, courtesy of Anne, rather a lot of wine and a bottle of champagne. I can’t remember the details, so it must have been good!

The next day, which was surprisingly hangover-free and fuelled with Anne’s bacon sarnies, we set off to plot the rest of the garden. Unbelievably the weather was even hotter and I got bitten by a huge Horse Fly with enormous teeth; I suffer for my art, I really do!

That afternoon I was really sad to leave the Veddw. The garden had really got into my soul and I’d have been happy to stay forever. Unfortunately Beloved wanted to get home for that (dreadful) England World Cup match, so we said a reluctant goodbye.

Once home I had to make sense our jottings to progress the plan. Another hurdle was getting information from Anne’s publisher on what size and format was suitable for publication but they hadn’t even decided what size the book was going to be! In the end I didn’t get precise information until very late in the process, so I just had to hope that what I was doing was suitable; it was rather nerve wracking and still is we’ve not seen the finished result yet! But they did ask for no text to be included in the event that the book is published in foreign languages, so I produced a transparent overlay.

I then made a start on the finished plan, in ink on tracing paper. Occasionally I emailed Anne and Charles with teasing previews….

Having completed the ink drawing, which seemed to take forever, I had it copied and started the colour rendering process. And here’s the finished result. (It’s slightly off kilter because of the way it was scanned. Click on image for larger size.)

12 responses to “Drawing a Plan of Veddw Garden – Part 2

  1. Liz
    Excellence, with great attention to detail

    And in the flesh, your work is a reflection on the beauty Anne and Charles have created, loved and hated, at times.
    Anne Wareham is my secret goddess of our profession (As is Claudia)

  2. That’s a beautiful plan. I still don’t know how to pronounce Veddw, but at least I know how it is laid out. Thank you!

  3. Lovely work Libby, indeed lovely in its own right. I think you have found a vocation and are truly talented. Jill xxx

    • Thank you Jill 🙂 really encouraging of you to say so. I always loved drawing as a child & doing art at school – I got an A at O’Level but never did A’Level. As an adult I did go to a watercolour painting class for a while but then doing any art got abandoned for a couple of decades until I did the garden design course. So I suppose a love for drawing has always been there and it’s very nice to have an outlet for it again.

  4. I don’t quite know what we expected or hoped for, Libby, but you exceeded our wildest dreams! It’s an amazing plan, so beautiful in its own right. (interesting question – do you think it takes a beautiful garden to make a beautiful plan, or would one of your plans be beautiful whatever you are depicting and it’s nothing to do with our original effort?)

    And I’d like to acknowledge John’s role – he drove us through the awful business of measuring and working out angles and details with amazing persistence and patience.

    We are so very grateful to you. I hope Frances Lincoln make the best of it, and know our visitors will love it.

    XXXXXX Anne

    • Hi Anne, all a pleasure and yes John was such a huge help with plotting the garden on paper.

      To answer your question, I think a great garden design makes for a great plan; the aerial view shows the structure of the garden that individual photos don’t. That having been said, even my basic garden design efforts look better in colour than in black and white!

      So glad you were pleased with it.

      L xx

  5. That is a work of art Libby !

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