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The Waiting is Over – I’m Getting a Garden!

Tomorrow, 1 August 2011, my landscaping team arrive to make a start on our garden… finally!

I’ve had to wait even tantalisingly longer than expected whilst they finished a six week client build for me then went on to RHS Tatton to build a show garden for Alexandra Froggatt, a finalist in this year’s ‘Young Designer of the Year’ (Silver Gilt).

But now the waiting is over! And this is how I feel!

In my last post I talked about the background to it all and gave a brief description of the design.  Unfortunately and typically, I don’t have a drawing I can show you. What I gave my landscaper was slightly better than a ‘back of a fag packet’ drawing, but not much!  But it was to scale and based on my survey, so we should be ok!

So then, for posterity, here are a few ‘before’ pictures…

The plants in the pots that you can see are pretty much all I have, but the green beech hedge planted in March 2010 is looking pretty good now – though a few plants never made it from dormant whip to flourishing plant, so will have to be replaced this winter.

My Other Half will be glad to see the back of what some may call a lawn but is actually no better than field grass.  The lawnmower (which is on its last legs) is going to the tip. The new design has no lawn – OH is ecstatic!

The old patio was lovingly built by my OH 11 years ago. There will be no formal patio in the new design – we’re using large chunks of re-claimed York stone set in gravel and, as it will be lower than existing, a new step from the patio doors.

The objects on pallets in the foreground are a solid stone birdbath , which will be a central feature and two solid stone planters to go either side of a , yet unsourced, bench at the bottom of the garden.  I got them in the Foras sale a while back.  I’d originally planned a central, working water feature but struggled to find anything I liked or liked and could afford (!) and wanted to keep costs down because our neighbouring farmer can be unpredictable and we plan to move house at some point.

Talking of the farmer.. this week we were due to get the communal drive at the front of the house resurfaced but it’s now happening  tomorrow instead. Typical!  Thankfully the farmer has agreed to let us put the skip just behind our rear hedge on his land, phew! Nice farmer. Not unpredicatable at all… lovely chap!

So there you have it. Some decisions, like whether I have any extra detail in the paths and do or don’t have a plinth for the birdbath will be decided as we go along. As will the addition of any archways or features to provide height and a framework for climbers.

It’s a well-worn blog phrase, but…. watch this space!