My Garden Build – Picture Blog – Days 4 & 5 – Blocks Blocks & More Blocks

Days 4 and 5 don’t look that exciting – but work is progressing really well.
On Monday, Chris, the boss, will be sourcing our large chunks of reclaimed York stone for the patio area near the house, which he’ll clean up by sand-blasting and will be bringing gravel samples for us.
We just have to decide on which gravel and the pattern for the bed/path edging (see 10th pic below) so, please feel free to vote for your choice in a comment, thank you and hope you enjoy the pics!

Day 4 - Basketweave block edging now almost finished down one side....

and basketweave along back of house – very pleased with how good it looks compared with old Cheshire bricks of the house

... tray cover containing blocks to go here yet

Right-hand edge well on its way too, but must be tea break!

Younger Callum learning to lay tricky bit by the back gate

Gate area finished; young Callum did a good job!

Travis Perkins deliver MORE cement...

...and older Callum mixes more mix - just like cake making really!


Opposite view - of shape of 2 beds nearest house & central octagon emerging, where bird bath will go surrounded by box hedging


So big decision.. to continue with basketweave pattern around beds (can only have single row because of width of path) or to go for soldier bond? The latter would have much neater corners when laid.


All packed up & everyone gone for the day... or have they?! LET ME OUT!


Still Life of the day, 'Good Luck with Random Spoon'


13 responses to “My Garden Build – Picture Blog – Days 4 & 5 – Blocks Blocks & More Blocks

  1. I really like the idea of the blog post. Images can say a lot.
    I was a garden designer but never used bricks for edgings,
    So it looks very interesting to see the whole process, thank you.

    I supply recycled plastic edgings, in the last 4 years -so it is interesting to compare the different methods.

  2. I can imagine you will have a very nice garden soon. It will be very beautiful with all your hard work. Congratulations.

  3. It’s starting to look better and better! Great job and Hope you will accomplish what you want!

  4. I love the basket weave. But will you have lots of plants flowing over the edges? How much if the brickwork will really be visible?

    • Hi Polly,

      Afraid your comment had gone into spam & I only just found it sorry! Your point is a very good one and yes of course the edges will be softened a lot by plants 🙂

      The decision on basketweave or soldier bond has now been made… see next blog!

  5. Lovely bricks, nice neat work too
    Go Soldier course! 😉

  6. Baskety weavy def.

  7. Personal preference is the basketweave option, just looks much more artistic and interesting 🙂

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