My Garden Build – Picture Blog – Days 9 to 11 – We have shapes!

 Although the back garden still looks like a building site, at last the design is emerging and we have some shapes!

I have to say I am incredibly pleased with it and have been internet window shopping for a bench for the bottom of the garden and arches that I may include at the sides to create two arbors for climbing plants.  I’m also hoping my landscaper can source a mill stone to sink into the patio at the entrance to the main path.  Our house used to be a granary, so although it wasn’t an actual mill, this would be a nice nod to its history.

Day 9 and the first of the four beds is completed

Day 9 - First bed layout & stone fully laid


Day 9 - Closeup of an angled basketweave corner - very pleased with how neatly it turned out


Day 9 - my stone planters make a very useful coffee table it seems!


Day 10 - Another bed almost complete - central octagon shape more evident now


Day 10 - Patio level around stone has been raised. Hoping to find a mill stone to set in centre at entrance to main path


Day 11 - View back to house, patio membrane in - more able to imagine it with the gravel in now. Have chosen a small grade Cheshire pink


Day 11 - Exciting moment when I got back from a meeting to see birdbath central feature unpacked from its crate & in place. Absolutely love it!


Day 11 - Closer view of birdbath looking back towards the house. Going to plant a hexagonal chunk of box around it


Result of my internet browsing - my DREAM bench! A 'Moot seat' named after Moot Gardens in the Wiltshire village of Downton as featured in Gertrude Jekyll's 1918 book 'Garden Ornament'. Just one problem, it's over £2,000!


6 responses to “My Garden Build – Picture Blog – Days 9 to 11 – We have shapes!

  1. It’s looking wonderful! Those stone slabs are amazing and the brick turned out beautifully. Hope you find the perfect (and affordable!) bench.

  2. Its looks like it will be a park which is amazing. I think the park is located very strategically so as to make the park can be a very beautiful scenery. I want you to show Photo Park if the park was finished.

  3. Great project to follow Elizabeth.
    It is always interesting to see how our designs turn out, but really special to see it emerging from its chrysalis in your own space.
    I particularly like and respect the classic simplicity of it!

    • Thank you Robert, really appreciate those comments 🙂

      It’s particularly thrilling for me, as this is the first time I have been able to create a garden for myself from scratch. In the past I’ve always had to work with what I inherited.

      The design is very classic & simple yes, but I need it to be low maintenance (back problems) and am using either old-looking or reclaimed quality materials that are sympathetic to our old converted farm building and its location. My hope is that it will look like it’s been here for a long time.

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