My Garden Build – Day 16 – It’s Finished!

Peace has decended. No more the drone of the concrete mixer, no more the shrill whine of the angle grinder, no more overheard landscaper’s laddish banter and badly tuned radio… and no more flippin tea making!  The hard landscaping is finished!!
To further test my ever-diminishing patience there were a few days of ‘nothing happening whatsoever’  last week, while my landscaper awaited delivery of some final materials; namely, an inspection hole tray and specially fabricated metal edging to go around the birdbath – made by his local blacksmith….

Inspection hole tray fitted with blocks, very boring but a lot better than a horrible concrete or plastic cover


Metal edging fabricated by the blacksmith to retain gravel from planting area for box hedging - very neat & smart and way easier than using Ever-Edge in this situation


Sharp sand is brushed between the pavers...


...and the gravel is laid (small grade Cheshire pink)

The tools and building materials were packed away, the stone planters were put in place, the skip was collected by ‘Bill & Ben’ the skip hire men (I kid you not!) one last round of tea was made, the wire was replaced on the fence to close up the access point and they were gone.
This is, of course, just the beginning of the exciting process of creating a garden. But it is a real joy to have a good basic structure.  I know the design is simple; some may think it very boring but I love it and my Other Half loves it too. What I am absolutely delighted with are the materials we’ve used as I think they’re very sympathetic with our house and its rural location.  It also meets my own brief of being low maintenance and easily accessible. And, of course, there are other things to add, a bench, side arches for climbers to create two arbors and planters.
Oh and, if anyone else says to me they ‘can’t wait to see it with the plants in’ I might scream and throw something!  You can’t wait?! How d’ya think I feel! I’ve learnt one thing for sure; patience is definitely not a virtue I possess!
So, as is always the custom with these things, here’s an obligatory ‘before’ picture…

Before Landscaping

 And after pictures. Ta da!!

After landscaping - view towards the house


After landscaping - view from the house


12 responses to “My Garden Build – Day 16 – It’s Finished!

  1. The design may be simple but its elegant. And to think its right now bare, I can see its beauty when its planted with plants with flowers in bloom. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Wow! Your garden has some great shapes! Congratulations on it!

  3. This is just gorgeous and so incredibly classy-looking. I’ve been visiting gardens all over the US this summer and haven’t seen anything this elegant. The only one that compares are some formal gardens at Cranbrook Schools, here in the Detroit area. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks great, Libby. I agree with everyone else it’s tempting to over design, but there’s everything to be said for fab materials and a simple layout. The most important thing is that you love it and will use it. Keep posting the photos when you’re planting.

  5. Its done, its done, yipee, its done! Great Libby. And lovely clear prepared beds for the ‘soft furnishings’ xxxx love it!
    And simple is good – why over-design just for the sake of it!

  6. Looks really good Libby. Bet you’re very pleased. Now for the fun part- the planting!

    • Thanks James 🙂 I’m over the moon with the hard landscaping, it’s been such a fun process and has felt rather indulgent not having to decide every last detail beforehand. Have discovered I enjoy designing on the fly! Planting it up going to be lots of fun but admit to feeling nervous about it and rather a lot of pressure to ‘get it right’. But blow it! It’s my playground now and I’m going to enjoy it!

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