Lord grant me patience… but please hurry!

Well, it’s been three weeks since the hard landscaping was finished in my garden (feels more  like three months!) and it still looks like this…

except with more weeds, but that is with good reason. I’m n0t-very-patiently waiting for weeds to come through so that they can be sprayed.  Then, of course, I have to wait another four weeks before I can plant anything.  I know this is the ‘sensible’ thing to do as we have some pretty nasty weeds but honestly, it’s enough to try the patience of the saintliest of saints!  My landscaper should be able to spray very soon now but knowing my luck we’ll have weeks of windy weather!

In the meantime I have been planning and ordering ‘stuff’, which feels like some sort of progress at least.

I managed to snap up sixteen 20″ box balls at the brilliant price of £9.60 each which my plant supplier is kindly reserving for me and also ordered two half standard Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’ for the stone planters.  Next is to design the rest of the planting scheme for the beds. I’ve started a plant list and if anyone knows how to get two or more plants to occupy the same piece of ground I’d be terribly grateful if you could let me into the secret!

Other purchases have been two of these ‘Monet’ arches to be installed laterally at each side of the central axis to provide vertical interest and, of course, a framework for climing plants…

However they’re currently languishing in the garage – one half constructed – because I forgot to take into account the generous width of mortar under the path edging which will have to be drilled before they can be installed – then they will fit perfectly! I have a romantic vision of them covered in white climbing roses but in a north-west facing garden that could present a challenge!

Also, having sensibly dismissed the idea of spending over £2,000 on my ‘dream bench’ for the bottom of the garden or getting one made by a joiner for £850 (I hate being sensible!) we compromised and ordered one of a similar design in the autumn sales for approximately a third of the price – this is it…Not my dream bench but still very nice

And as my lovely OH has just taken up arms, i.e. a screwdriver,  I’m off to join him and said bench in the garage to assist (supervise) its construction. See… progress!

(A short time passes with no swearing and no bashed fingers)

Update… and here’s the actual bench in our garden – I’m very pleased with the quality and the look of it and it went together beautifully.

Our lovely new bench in-situ

4 responses to “Lord grant me patience… but please hurry!

  1. That is a very handsome bench! Really looking forward to seeing that garden next summer when it’s in its full glory 🙂

  2. I’m thinking of ordering that very same bench, but I couldn’t decide between the wood version and the “Honed Slate” version. By the time I’ve decided, they’ll probably be full price again.
    Without even clicking on the link, I can imagine which bench was your “dream” bench, because I too decided it was way too expensive. Sigh. Why do nice gardens cost so much?

    • Hi Victoria, tell me about it! That’s why we decided that £2,000 on a bench wasn’t justifiable. There’s quite a tale to the bench as it happens. The full retail price of the ‘Neptune’ timber one is £450, but we originally ordered it from http://www.capitalgardens.co.uk at £263 – however there was a mix up & this turned out to be a teak version (which Neptune no longer make) but we weren’t told this until, after 2 weeks of waiting, I chased it up. I actually don’t think Capital would ever have told us as the order status just said ‘on order with supplier’. This left us having to re-order a different timber version. Capital were (and are) selling a Roble one for £360 but I found an Albizia version (still Neptune) for £316 with http://www.whitehallgardencentre.co.uk. Their service was excellent & the bench was delivered free within 48 hours of ordering it 🙂 Hope that helps if you’re thinking of ordering. Oh, and since ordering the garden arches they’ve come down by £19 each in price – that’s life I guess!

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